The Power BI Proof-of-Value Acceleratorâ„¢ is a program designed to help you quickly and thoroughly test drive the Power BI platform to ensure it’s the right fit for your organization before making a large commitment.

Scope and pricing of the engagement depend heavily on the maturity of your organization’s analytics initiatives and goals.

Already have a good set of reports and considering a switch from Tableau, Qlik, or another reporting platform over to Power BI?

We can lead your current reporting team through the entire report conversion process. This has the dual benefit of delivering work product while simultaneously training your existing resources who will then be able to move forward on their own.

Or maybe you’re a young organization just getting started with reporting and analytics and need some help getting up off on the right foot…

We can lead your executive team through a series of envisioning sessions, help them identify a set of reports and metrics that support the organization’s current and future initiatives, assess the feasibility of each report and identify a target candidate to deliver.

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